Irresistible, page-turning romance is at the heart of 

Maggie's novels. Hinging on compelling female characters and a strong sense of place, history and culture, her books are entertaining and substantial. Maggie is now working on her third novel.

Historical Romance


Check out Maggie's interviews, book signings, podcast and calendar of events, including a promotion tour in Cape May,

N. J., the setting of her latest book, Beacon Beach.

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A lifelong fan of love stories and history,  Maggie's novels sweep the reader into the past, where love is an adventure.
Maggie is a former journalist and magazine editor who lives in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl with her husband, dog and cat.

About Maggie

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What Readers are Saying

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Beacon Beach

"Being from Cape May County N.J., I couldn't wait to read a romance set in historic Cape May. Maggie FitzRoy's details made it easy to not only view the beautiful seashore town in my mind, but also see and "hear" the different characters. No doubt you will be routing for Jacy James in this wonderful summertime read!"

Mercy's Way

"I loved this book and was sorry to see it end. The author tells a beautiful story of the trials and triumphs on a wagon train headed for Oregon. Historically accurate, this book lets the reader become part of the characters' lives. I loved the surprise ending."

— Marlene, Amazon

— Kristen, Amazon

Q & A 

Q: Why do you write romance, and specifically historical?


A: My favorite stories in books, movies or TV shows, have always involved romance. When I started writing fiction, and needed to choose a genre, romance was a natural choice. Historical romance comes naturally, too, since I’ve always loved history and it was my college major. I’ve written two nonfiction history books and I’m working on my third novel.

Q: How do you choose your settings and time periods?


A: I set my stories in American history. For my first novel, I wanted to write a road trip story. So what was the ultimate road trip in American history? To me, it was the Oregon Trail. I set Mercy’s Way in 1845 because that’s when pioneers started making the cross-continental trek. My second novel's plot needed a Gilded Age seaside resort. Setting that book, Beacon Beach, in Cape May, N. J. in 1886 fit perfectly. A New Jersey native, the Jersey shore is dear to me and Cape May still looks much as it did when my fictional hero and heroine were there.  

Q: Where do you get your ideas?


A: I write about what intrigues me. I love road trips, and the Oregon Trail made for a romantic and adventurous journey. I adore travel, and the history of travel, so I created my own seaside resort in real Victorian-era Cape May. Sometimes I'm even inspired by music. (See my blog, It all Started with a Song.)

I’m now working on my third book, which is set in the 1920s—another exciting time. It was inspired by an image I had of a tropical boat chase. The rest will be revealed when it’s published!

Q: How long does it take you to write a book?


A: With research and planning, Beacon Beach took about a year. Mercy’s Way took longer because it was my first novel. My third historical romance is moving right along. Eventualy, I hope to publish two books a year.

Q: What is your daily writing schedule?


A: My goal is to write a scene a day. That usually translates to writing four hours in the morning, averaging about 1,200 words. I spend my first hour editing what I wrote the day before.

Q: You write “sweet” romance. What is that, and why did you adopt that style?


A: In the world of romance novels, “sweet” means no sex scenes (at least not much beyond a kiss). I think the best romance books have lots of tension, keeping the reader on the edge of their seat because they want the hero and heroine to get together in the worst way. Those are the kinds of stories I like to read and to write. Also, I want to write books that I’m proud to put my name on. By definition, all romances have happy endings. Ultimately, I leave the bedroom scene to the reader’s imagination.

Praise from Readers 

"A+ characterizations. I love getting to know characters intimately and then being able to root for them. This book delivers."
Beacon Beach — Amazon 

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